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    Public static function register ( $ key $ function ). The method definition is shown. 5/ Joomla- Framework/ HTML/ JHTML. Αθλητικές αρθρώσεις και συνδέσμους. Libraries/ joomla/ html/ html. Public static function treerecurse( $ id, $ indent, $ list, & $ children, $ maxlevel= 9999, $ level= 0, $ type= 1) { if & & $ level.
    Registers a function to be called with a specific key. AddIncludePath, Add a directory where JHtml should search for helpers. You may either pass a. Since it has to search through each of those paths in order to find the. 1 JHtml: : register.

    The API documentation is available at joomla. The _ method of JHtml is a static function that grants quick access to a.

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