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    Comfortable fit waistband and spandex body allow for range of stretch. Com for the largest selection of slimming intimates, body shapers, hosiery, apparel, and the latest innovations in shapewear for men and women. Spandex is a fiber that has had an impact on fashion high and low, casual and formal, outer and under. Spandex House Inc, is one of the largest spandex suppliers in the world. It' s not a trademark, as a number of the names of other fibers are, among them Dacron, Lycra, and Orlon. Spandex. Welcome to Spandex World, your best choice for high quality stretch fabrics! Anagrammatic coinages are not common; the only other in our dictionaries that the average person is. We offer one of the largest collections of high quality stretch fabrics such as Nylon, Prints, Hologram, Cotton, Velvet, Laces. It' s a generic term, coined in 1959 as an anagram of the word expands. Spandex is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable type of fabric active people enjoy wearing. Spandex House was established in October 23rd, 1991 in NYC. Product Features. From the beginning, we always stood by our strong morals and principles when it comes to supplying our customers with the. Spandex is type of material that has a lot of elasticity due to the polyurethane fiber use that goes into the construction of this synthetic fabric.

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